Trish Stratus Thinks Charlotte Flair Is The Greatest WWE Women’s Superstar Of All-Time


As many of you know by now, WWE recently posted a video looking at the 50 Greatest Women Superstars in WWE History. Trish Stratus came in at number one, followed by Charlotte Flair at number two.

During a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, Trish Stratus commented on the rankings and said she thinks Charlotte should top the list. She said,

“It’s a bold thing for them to put out. Lists are subjective. I don’t know who was behind the list. Did my mom vote? Internally, with me and my team, I knew there was the top five and I was grateful to be in the top five. I for sure thought Charlotte was going to be number one. That’s where I put her. It was crazy when they put that video package together and you get emotional looking back on that ride and they position you the way they did. I was lucky. I say all the time that I only got any accolades that I got because of the people that surrounded me. I was green and a lot of things we did was a team effort and we got to conquer these things together. In a way, we were lucky that we had a crappy landscape at the time and had these obstacles we had to overcome. By doing that, we were able to tackle barriers. It was the timing of my career. I didn’t get a prize yet. I don’t know what they’re going to send me. I’m still waiting.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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