Trish Stratus Updates Fans On WrestleMania Return


The Score Television Network interviewed Trish Stratus yesterday. When asked if she would be appearing at WrestleMania 28, she said the following:

“At this point it’s not in my calendar, but things change who knows. There’s a lot of very talented women right now that can do an amazing match at Wrestlemania. I hope to see Beth Phoenix doing the pin up strong movements, been amazing to watch. But lets just see what happens, you never know. I just hope there is a Divas match, even if I’m not in it.”

She also defended Natalya’s flatulence gimmick and Eve’s hoeski gimmick…

“Everyone is asking me about Natalya, and Eve, and how controversial the angles are and can you believe that in a negative way, but I look at it in a positive thing. Natalya is doing this flatulence gimmick, and there’s the hoeski gimmick for Eve. To me, this is just character development. Every time their out there, the audience has a chance to connect with them, and get more invested in them as characters and performers.”

Video of the interview is below.

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