Tucker’s Profile Changed From SmackDown To RAW, Mustafa Ali’s Profile Error


There was recently some confusion regarding the roster status for WWE Superstar Tucker.

Tucker was traded to the RAW roster during the 2020 WWE Draft. However, his WWE.com profile was inexplicably listing him as part of the SmackDown roster, where his former tag team partner Otis currently resides. It now appears that listing was an error, and it’s now been fixed with Tucker’s online Superstar entry showing him as part of the RAW brand.

Unfortunately, now there’s another issue with the website profile for Retribution leader Mustafa Ali. The entire Retribution faction, including Ali, were drafted by RAW during the Draft. This is despite the stable’s stated goal of wanting to destroy the company.

When Ali had previously returned to television earlier this year, he appeared to have joined the RAW roster despite being part of SmackDown when he was last on TV in 2019. So, it’s possible his profile was never updated, or this is another website error.

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