Two Fan Reports On Jerry Lawler’s Collapse At RAW



Mark sent this one in:

“I was not far from Jerry Lawler when he collapsed, and it was really scary. He just kinda toppled over, and then panic ensued. Most of the people on the floor were freaking out, screaming for help, and when it got there, they didn’t even wait for a stretcher. Eight guys lifted him up and quickly brought him to the back. The rest of the night during the commercial pauses the fans chanted ‘Jerry! Jerry!’ I never knew he was that popular here, but He got the second loudest pop when he jumped into the Randy Orton vs. C.M. Punk match.”

Michael sent this one in:

The arena was pretty much full with a few scattered empty areas. The fans were chanting by 7:30 and were definitely hot.

Bret Hart’s pop was deafening. It was one awesome experience live. C.M. Punk had a huge amount of heat, but I got the feeling a lot of people didn’t want to boo him, but under the circumstances, they kind of “had to.”

The crowd was hot throughout the show until…

Jerry Lawler collapsed. Let me say this. I had no idea what was happening and I had no idea what happened. I was watching the tag match in the ring until a lot of attention was off the match. When I looked over, there were about 6-8 people around Jerry, and Cole was obviously distraught. They quickly rushed King to the back through the aisle in the crowd.

The fans continued chanting “Jerry” throughout various points afterward, but couldn’t focus on the other action that was happening. No one could really get into it again until the final segment, and that’s apparent.

There were no dark segments (the advertised Punk-Cena match and Pat Patterson Appreciation Night) out of respect for Jerry Lawler.

All in all, it was a bittersweet show. It was great seeing Bret back in Montreal for the first time in 15 years and the crowd was super-hot, but the Jerry Lawler incident really made a lot of people uncomfortable.

Get well, Jerry.

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