Two Live Reports From Mick Foley’s Comedy Show



Brian Florio sent this one along:

Mick Foley held his biggest Comedy Show to date out in Smithtown Long Island on 11/17 at The Smithtown Center of Performing Arts. It was a sold out show of 350 people. The WWE Camera Crew were there filming this as a special for either Netflix or WWE Network.

Joey Styles introduced Mick on the stage. Before Mick came out, Styles said everywhere he goes, people always say “Oh My God.” He then says I’ll tell everyone where it came from and it’s personal, but I’ll tell you, it was on my honeymoon with my wife and after 17 years, I haven’t heard it since. The crowd laughed with that.

Mick talked about The Hell in A Cell match with Undertaker. Foley said when he was dropped from the cell into the ring and was out for those 90 seconds, Taker asked Funk, “See if he’s alive”. He was still breathing Funk said and then Taker chokeslamed Funk and his shoes came off. Foley said the first thing he saw when he came to was a pair of shoes. The whole story and other great stories by him were great.

One thing that really made me laugh when Foley left the stage and Styles came out and said it’s not over and let’s all get him back out here by chanting Foley. The crowd did. Foley came out and was “upset” for the story he was telling the audience before he left and said good night, and Styles was trying to cheer Foley back up and the final thing that Styles said was, remember when you wrestled Edge at Wrestlemania and you went through the burning table, and Foley said yeah, you called that match and that was your final match and then Mike Adamle took over for you, and Styles just shook his head and said yes and that got Foley going again.

After the show they had a short Q & A & then Foley was signing and taking pictures for free, and Foley was selling The Red Cactus Jack Shirts and the black ones that said Dead or Alive. Foley said if anyone wanted to purchase any those to be signed and or books, and DVDs, 100% profit was going to a local charity.

It was an awesome 3 1/2 hours there. Definitely when it comes out on Netflix or WWE Network, or wherever they air it, it’s really worth a look at.

Thanks to Mike Johnson for this report:

WWE taped Mick Foley’s comedy show yesterday in Smithtown, Long Island at the Performing Arts Center.

The show was sold out in advance.

Joey Styles was there and introduced Foley at the open of the show.

The show was all Foley telling stories from his career. They did a bit where Foley became upset telling a story about Vince McMahon and walked off stage, which led to Styles starting a “Foley” chant to get him to return and complete the show.

The set featured balloon animal versions of Mankind, Santa Claus, The Rock and Vince McMahon and at one point, Foley was telling a story with McMahon on his lap like a child.

Former WWE creative team member Jen Bloodsworth did a short set before Foley and later returned doing a cameo playing DDP late in the show.

Brodus Clay and former WWE talent Pete Gas were in attendance at the taping.

The idea for the taping is that the show will likely pop up on the WWE Network next year after it launches. Foley mentioned on the mic that he wasn’t sure what WWE would do with it since parts of the show “are not PG.”

After the taping was over, Foley did a Q&A and did a meet and greet, selling signed photos and merchandise with the money all going to a local charity. Apparently the best question was a young child who asked Foley if he had been to the North Pole yet.

Foley’s family were in attendance and were interviewed by WWE.

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