Two NXT UK Referees Released, Joe Coffey Suspended – Details


As we reported a little bit ago from NXT’s conference call with Triple H, referees Joel Allen and Chris Roberts have been released from their NXT UK contracts. Additionally, Joe Coffey has been suspended. In a report by WON, both Allen and Roberts were released over the weekend.

A woman by the name of “Bella” alleged that NXT:UK Superstar David Starr had sex with her when she was passed out drunk and unable to consent. The video also featured Joel Allen, and UK wrestler Big Grizz. Starr told Bella to find them some friends taht would be a “wet lay” for he and his friends. He specifically asked for the “smallest girl possible” for Big Grizz. Specifically, the video was not mentioned as a direct cause for Joel Allen’s release, but the speculation is that it was a huge contributing factor.


Bella’s Twitter account has been protected and limited to those who can view her page. Here is what we have gathered from her post:

“David Starr thinks he can pass his behaviour off as lads banter. I allowed it for so long and depreciated myself too because that is how I got praise from him. I am glad your arrogance is coming back for you. #SpeakingOut

Chris Roberts had been accused of grooming an underage girl (who was 15) when he was between the ages of 22 and 25. Joe Coffey was suspended for harassing multiple women and also sending unsolicited nude pictures, voice messages and stalked his victims.

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