Two Preview Videos For An Upcoming Shoot Interview With ‘Bad Influence’ – Punk, TNA, More

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two videos for an upcoming Bad Influence (Daniels
and Kazarian) shoot interview.

In the first clip, the two say they believe TNA passed them up in
favor of teams like the Bro Mans. They said they were behind on pay in the
promotion and Daniels added that at one point his savings account was in single
digits. They also said that Claire Lynch was unprepared for her angle because
she didn’t know what she was signing up for.

In the second clip, Daniels gives his thoughts on CM Punk leaving
WWE. He said that he thinks he loves the business and said that he thinks that
he may want to come back to ROH at some point, since he doesn’t need the money.
He also discusses who should book TNA, mentioning that they need wrestlers to
work as just writers, not characters as well.

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