Two WWE Legend Appearances Originally Planned For Elimination Chamber


According to PWInsider, there were two big appearances that were once planned to occur on Saturday at WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event but they were ultimately scrapped. The first one was supposed to be a cameo (non-wrestling) appearance by The Undertaker, who recently was announced to be inducted into the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame. The appearance was basically meant to be a celebration of sorts for The Undertaker going into the Hall of Fame and to get a nice crowd reaction as well, but those plans were eventually removed from the card.

The second appearance was planned for Kurt Angle. As you may recall, there was some talk previously coming from Kurt Angle himself that he was supposed to come back to WWE for a short 3-4 week program, but didn’t elaborate on who he would’ve been working with during that time period. Ultimately, that storyline was dropped and never came to fruition. As part of this, he was supposed to appear at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event to cap off this storyline. Since the storyline never happened, Angle was removed from the show.

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