Tye Dillinger Has An Interesting Reaction To AEW News


After calling out Nia Jax on Twitter, WWE star Tyle Dillinger’s recent actions on Twitter have once again gave wrestling fans something to talk about. This time, Dillinger offered an interesting reaction to the news of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) being officially announced. Check out Dillinger’s comments below:

“What a time to be a wrestling fan! More wrestling for you all!”


“Isn’t he strongly opinionated about everything? To each their own. Do what’s best for YOU, not what others may think is best for you.”

“This is the same old same old. I’ve considered plenty. I control what I can. Attitude, physique, mindset and work ethic. I know how hard I work, and I’m well aware no one gets to see that a lot. I’m sorry for that but you’re asking me for things out of my hands. Enjoy the show.”

“WWE isn’t the biggest wrestling promotion in the world? Seems pretty high level to me.”

“I appreciate all the support. I really do. And it’s not patronizing to make a valid point. As much as I appreciate both positive and negative comments here, at the end of the day, I KNOW I work there and that I’ve made it. That is all that matters.”

“Agreed, knowing your worth is a good thing. Complacency does exists but perhaps not with those you assume it would. Being self aware is important. It could be the most important. I’m not the best wrestler, I’m not sought after or hand picked. I’m just me. Take it or leave it.”

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