Tyler Bate Reveals Who Fans Should Be Watching In WWE NXT UK, More


During a recent interview with the Inside the Ropes podcast, WWE NXT UK Superstar Tyler Bate commented on the NXT UK roster, who fans should be watching, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if he feels pressure to deliver or just goes out there and does it: “Well, both, actually, it’s both the pressure and the play. So I like to think of wrestling as… Wrestling is the same as any other artform, like music for example, and I like to think of pro wrestling, at least the way that I approach, as like jazz. So when I watch jazz musicians playing together, a jazz musician has perfected his craft or her craft enough that they are able to leave forms almost, they’re so good that they leave concepts. Forms to leave forms, and that’s how I think of or at least how I approach pro wrestling is that I use structure and form to leave form so that it becomes more of a pure play, almost just playtime. I’m dancing, I’m playing music.


“There’s like a push and pull that happens with whoever I’m in the ring with, and especially with someone like A-Kid, who’s so good as well, it’s very… It just makes that very fun, this feedback, because he’s pushing at me and then whilst he’s pushing at me, he’s creating opportunities for me to push back and then it becomes this almost like music, this dance type thing… [He claps hands like a pendulum] I don’t know why I’m doing this. That’s how it feels in my head is this motion. I feel like I’ve just trained enough now that, when I go out there, I have the absolute most faith in my abilities as a professional wrestler to just do. I just trust myself enough that I can relax. So here’s a good saying. ‘We never rise to the level of our hopes, we always fall to the level of our training.’”

On where he views himself between the veterans and the rookies: “Again, both. I guess I have been here longer than a lot of the people in NXT UK, so it only feels reasonable that people would come to me for advice. And I’ve wrestled throughout many different levels in the company and so I can give good personal experience. But again, like you said, I am also still very young and I like to keep in mind being open to everything, but attached to nothing. So like water flows, I’m always trying to adapt and become. It’s this constant becoming for me. So although people might think of me as a veteran – look, most people in NXT UK have actually been wrestling for longer than me. They’ve been in the UK indie scene for five, six, seven plus years longer than me. I’m coming up for ten years in the industry. We have about 15, 20 year veterans in NXT UK. As far as being a WWE Superstar goes, I think I’m a reliable source for advice because I feel like I’ve proved my point in my performances enough to show that I think I know what I’m doing.”

On who fans should be watching in NXT UK: “Kenny Williams, I’ll say Kenny Williams. I think he’s outstanding. There are exciting things to come for him. Who else? I don’t know. I’m struggling to think off the top of my head. Kenny Williams, I feel like Saxon Huxley – there’s a lot of potential there that hasn’t quite been showcased. I’m struggling… Jack Starz!”

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