Tyler Breeze Discusses his WWE NXT Return Giving Him Clarity


Tyler Breeze spoke with WWE.com about his decision to return to NXT. Here are the highlights:

WWE.COM: Why did you decide to return to NXT full time after so many years away?

BREEZE: So many years? It’s been four, OK? I decided to come back because I’m appreciated here. My work is appreciated here, and the crowd appreciates me here. There comes a time in everyone’s careers when you need to re-evaluate where you’ve been, where you’re heading and decide for yourself if you’re satisfied with life or if it needs to change. I said I was “inspired,” but we all know what I mean. I’m tired of being pushed to the side for other people with half, and that’s being generous, the talent I have. It’s time for Prince Pretty to take what he wants.

WWE.COM: How difficult of a decision was it for you to leave the WWE roster to return to NXT?

BREEZE: One of the easiest choices of my life. I was built here. I was born here. Anytime I’ve ever questioned where I’m going, I head back home to NXT to get clarity. I head back home to recharge and reassess. And every single time it’s paid off. I trust myself. I trust my skill. I trust my passion. I trust NXT.

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