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NewsTyler Breeze Discusses The Origins Of His Iconic WWE Character

Tyler Breeze Discusses The Origins Of His Iconic WWE Character



Appearing recently on the “Agents of Wrestling‘ podcast, Matt Clement talked about a wide range of topics, including starting off in WWE under his real name, coming up with the ‘Tyler Breeze’ gimmick, developing the persona and more. He said,

“When I started [in WWE], it was like, ‘Alright, you’re going to start as Matt Clement until we figure out your name, and then I think I pitched a couple different names. You pitched a couple of first names, a couple of last names, with your favorites at the top.”

Elaborating on how he developed various characters, with Tyler Breeze being the one WWE green-lit, Clement said,

“I kind of had to start branching out and thinking about who else I could be, or how I could become marketable. I just came up with some characters, and one of them happened to be Tyler Breeze — the Zoolander-esque male model. And then they kind of liked that one, and there was something to it, so then I just worked with a couple people to make it more and more and more, and slowly, over the course of six months, a year, two years, whatever — [it] became what you ended up seeing.”

Clement has a special contract with WWE, which allows him to continue to appear on UpUpDownDown as Tyler Breeze. Meanwhile, he recently made his return to the ring on the indies as well.

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