Tyler Breeze is Refocused and Talking EVOLVE Debut


Having moved back to the NXT roster, Tyler Breeze is now more focused than ever and more ready to share his talent with the world. Scheduled for matchups at both EVOLVE 129 and 130, Tyler Breeze recently spoke to WWE.com about his upcoming EVOLVE debut, his new found focus and much more. Below are some highlights:

Breeze on his upcoming EVOLVE Debut:

It’s an interesting time right now, not just for sports-entertainment, but wrestling as well. When I was in NXT before, something like this wasn’t even possible. Now, we have these new opportunities. Something like EVOLVE is now an option. I can go and participate like I’m doing this weekend. They have their own roster of talented people, and now you’re getting two different matchups. Since we made the announcement, I’ve been hit up a lot on social media about AR Fox and Anthony Green, with people saying, “This is going to be awesome!”
Not only will fans get to see matches they may never see again, but also, they get meet-and-greets, which are few and far between. I’m doing meet-and-greets for both nights, so it’ll be really cool to meet a new fanbase, a new roster to wrestle, and just the fact that I can go into somewhere like EVOLVE and get my feet wet there. I wrestled for WWE, NXT and now I get to for EVOLVE. I’m looking forward to the opportunity, it’s going to be really fun.

Tyler Breeze talks his NXT return:

I really think the inspiration, if you read online and see what everybody talks about, is that a lot of people watch our product and say that a lot of people on the roster are complacent.
I was in the tag team with Fandango, and we were everywhere. “Fashion Files” was hot, everything was running really good. Then, as soon as he got injured, we stalled out a little bit. I was on my own, trying to find my footing and wasn’t really used much. That almost turned into some sort of backlash, with critics claiming I’m complacent. I did that for about a year, just seeing what was happening. Then this opportunity popped up where it was like, “Hey, you know what, let’s revisit NXT.” NXT has always been good to me, and I’ve always had a home there.
I go back there, and it reignited a spark that was almost going out a little bit. My whole motivation and inspiration were to change that perspective of me. This guy isn’t complacent. He has something to offer. I’m not by any means on the backend of my career; I’m still very much able to go, as you could see in those NXT TV and TakeOver matches.
I know exactly what I could do and what I’m capable of. If you put me in front of an audience, you’re going to see a different side.”

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