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NewsTyler Breeze Nearly Joined The Maximum Male Models In WWE

Tyler Breeze Nearly Joined The Maximum Male Models In WWE



Mace and Mansoor were interested in working with Tyler Breeze during their run as the Maximum Male Models in WWE, something which nearly happened according to the former WWE Superstars.

Both Mace and Mansoor recently took part in a Reddit AMA to discuss a variety of topics, including their desire to work with Breeze “so badly.” Mace said,

“We wanted to work with Breeze so badly. From what we understand it almost happened.”

Mansoor added, “Was pushed very heavily and nearly happened.”

Mace and Mansoor were part of the post-Endeavor acquisition cuts that took place back in September.

MxM, Mase Madden and Mansoor, the former Maximum Male Models are here to answer your questions in this exclusive AMA!
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