Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze Reveals He Was Prepared “Every Six Months” For WWE To Fire Him


Tyler Breeze joined Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette to talk about a wide range of topics including his run with WWE. 

Breeze was let go due to budget cuts earlier this year. However, he had been preparing for ever since he first signed with WWE in 2010 because there was a period of time where he felt like he could be gone  every six months.

“I got there in 2010 in FCW, so NXT didn’t exist,” Breeze said. “In four years, I think they tried to fire me three, four times maybe? Usually it was every six months to a year I was about to get fired, and then some miracle would happen and I wouldn’t. Obviously when you’re almost on the chopping block every six months, you start to prepare for that type of thing. I was essentially prepared every six months to get the call, and it never happened for eleven years. So I had just been preparing. I was like ‘when they do, because this is going to happen. Someday I’m not going to have something that saves me.’ And luckily, like I said, eleven years is ridiculous. It’s double what the average lifespan is there. So I was fully prepared and branching else and doing what the hell else I could do.”

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