Tyler Breeze Reveals Whether He’s Planning To Return To The Ring, More


During the latest edition of the “Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette” podcast, former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze commented on his release from WWE, whether he’s planning to return to the ring at some point, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On whether he has plans to return to the ring and his focus on recovering from injuries: “When I got released, I kind of was like, ‘Okay, I can go work every weekend if I wanted to.’ Obviously, right now, there’s a big influx of people getting released or joining AEW or wherever they’re going. There’s a lot of wrestling out there. Luckily, I don’t need to work every weekend and I can afford to take a break. Fortunately, and unfortunately, when you’re a smaller guy in wrestling, you take a lot of bumps and get beat up a lot more than the big guys. I took one break in 14 years and that was to go get married and I was off for nine days. I kind of just went, ‘Let’s take a second to reassess and see how I’m feeling because I want to be a healthy 33-year-old man.’ I stopped for a month and all of a sudden, everything hit me like a ton of bricks. My knees hurt, my hips hurt, my back hurt, my neck hurt, and my shoulder hurt. I gotta fix this. I have a masseuse and chiropractor, they go piece by piece. Luckily, I’ve never had surgeries or broken things. I’ve been good.

“They work on my legs until my knees are okay, then they work on hips. My neck was a big issue. They said it was a combo of things and basically, we need to loosen it up. Nailed it, done. Now the last lingering thing is my arm and shoulder, which we thought it was my shoulder and rotator cuff, but it’s my bicep tendon and it’s just kind of pinching. I can’t work out how I want to. It pinches and it stops. We’ve been working on it like crazy and it’s actually getting better. I’m very close to being where I want to be, and I don’t want to wrestle anywhere until I’m back in shape. Aside from the school, I haven’t wrestled for three months and I’m not in the shape I want to be to go somewhere and I’m not going to go somewhere out of shape. I watch my friends, but for the most part, I haven’t watched a lot. Even when I do, there’s nothing that makes me go, ‘I think I would have a really fun match with this guy. This would be really cool.’ Nothing is sparking me to force me to go yet. I remember when Cole was figuring out what he was going to do, I watched when he debuted and the crowd was back. When I finished up, the crowd wasn’t really back yet. Watching an arena full of people, when they react, I got goosebumps for it and went, ‘Okay.’ It’s still in there, but it’s not quite there yet. I’m just going to relax until it’s fully there and I have to pull the trigger on it.”

On his next steps in wrestling: “At 33, I have more to offer. A lot of these guys are like, ‘I have another run in me. I can be the champion.’ This isn’t selling myself short but look at the guys going to AEW – Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Adam Cole. They are in a different category than Tyler Breeze, I feel, but I still feel like I can add to a show if I’m on it. I still have a lot to offer and I can have a lot of fun wrestling. I still think there’s still meat on the bone there, and I just want to make sure it’s right before I fully do it to do it. I’m not coming back without abs, that’s for sure.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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