Tyler Breeze Says His Flatbacks Gym Helped Get Xia Li On WWE NXT TV


During a recent Twitch stream, former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze commented on the “Flatbacks” gym he runs with AEW Superstar Shawn Spears and how it helped get Xia Li get on WWE TV. He said,

“Xia Li is a very good success story that we’ve had. She’s been part of NXT for three or four years and kinda went, ‘look, what am I doing? Why am I not on TV and being used?’ She came to me and asked (to be trained) and we were like, ‘Cool, this is what we need to do.’ She did the entire eight-week course, I wrestled a match with her and taped it, showed it to Triple H, and two or three weeks later, she’s getting booked to what she’s doing now and doing vignettes. Xia is fantastic. She’s definitely one of ours.“

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