​Tyler Reks Discusses His New Business, Quitting Wrestling, More


Credit: Wrestling 365

Former WWE performer Tyler Reks recently spoke about leaving WWE
and more. Here are the highlights…

On what got him into
“I hope it’s not too repetitive, but I was in the right
place at the right time. My buddy was Rick Bassman, who owned UPW and he
literally was like, hey man, there’s a tryout, I know you’re not into wrestling,
come up and check it out and next thing I know, I’m at a tryout in Deep South
Wrestling, I loved it, I had a great time and a year later I ended up in Tampa
(with the WWE). I closed down two businesses, sold a condo, and just

On whether it’s been tough being out of the spotlight
since 2012:
“You know, I think every wrestler that either retires or
gets released will always miss being in front of the fans, it’s like a drug. You
feed off of it, you feel alive, there’s an energy that surges through the crowd
and for those 8-20 minutes depending on how long you’ve got, it’s all eyes on
you and it’s really cool, so yeah, I do miss not being in the spotlight, because
that was fun, but I don’t miss the travel and I don’t miss the politics and I
love being good to my family, so there’s goods and bads that go with

On his local marketing business: “If it’s
digital, we do it, so, the short version is my brother-in-law has been doing
digital marketing since about 2000 and he started a company called Dealer
Current not too long after that and Dealer Current focuses on auto-dealership
and so they do social media, SEO, websites, reputation management or
specifically, car dealership. They’ve got some high-end in-house software that’s
proprietary that they made for social media. It’s really cool man, like, you
take your targeted keyword phrases, so if you’re looking to sell, let’s say a
2014 Mercedes C250, you put in your keywords and it will create a unique video
title, let’s say you want to blast a video out to around 50 different sites,
it’ll create a unique title for each one that’s a little bit different than the
last one, unique descriptions, unique meta titles, unique meta data, the whole
nine yards is done for you and it’s really efficient and it really works, so
they got a name for themselves. My brother-in-law rang me about a year before I
retired and said hey Gabe, I know you don’t want to wrestle forever and he goes,
I kind of want to get out of the auto industry and start poking around doing
some local marketing and start to help these other businesses and he said, do
you want to do something and I said absolutely. I had always kind of being a
closet geek doing website design on my own, but I was brought up to speed on the
things I missed in the last 4 years when I was wrestling and we just took off.
There’s 11 people in our company now and we do everything from the Mom &
Pop, little local business, health clubs and a bunch of attorneys, so it’s
really focused on local marketing and how do we do social media, SEO, websites
and reputation management and drive more business for these companies and that’s
what we do, we make them more money using the internet.”

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