Tyrus (Brodus Clay) Accused Of Sexual Harassment By FOX Nation Co-Host – Details


We have received word that former WWE Superstar Tyrus (formerly Brodus Clay), who is a current analyst for FOX Nation, is now in danger of being sued for sexual misconduct. Judge Paul Engelmeyer (U.S. District Judge) has allowed a lawsuit brought forth by Tyrus’ co-worker Britt McHenry to move forward. The lawsuit suggests that Tyrus sent sexually explicit text messages to McHenry, but Tyrus denies the claims.

Britt McHenry sued FOX News last year when these claims were first brought to the surface. When Tyrus sent those text messages to McHenry, which were unwanted and unsolicited in nature, she brought them to the attention of FOX News. The organization “refused to investigate some of her claims, shunning her, shutting her out of company events, and refusing to allow her on Fox News Channel shows.”

The following court documents were released, starting with one text message from Tyrus on November 5th stating: “Dick pics coming in 5 sec!!!!” The Judge shot down these claims and stated: “His communications, as pled, are readily construed to reflect sexual advances and propositions, albeit unusually crude and clumsy ones, towards her.”

The claims made by McHenry to FOX News have since been dismissed. The company has yet to file a motion in the case. McHenry’s lawyer stated the following: “This is a victory for Ms. McHenry and a milestone in her pursuit of justice. We look forward to now having the opportunity to prove our claims of sexual harassment and retaliation against Fox News, Mr. Murdoch, and Ms. Rauchet in court.”

You can read the full ruling at the link provided here.

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