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Tyson Kidd Comments On No Longer Being Able To Work With Lana & Ruby Riott



During a recent appearance on “The Wrestling Classic” podcast, WWE producer TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) commented on no longer being able to work with Lana and Ruby Riott following their recent WWE releases, and more. He said,

“She’s been improving…Lana is always that person who wants to get better at all times. She’ll ask every question in the book, in a good way. She started working with me in September or October and she had been working hard. She was training with me last weekend. She always comes through and always working hard. Lana never shows up and doesn’t work hard. Every time she shows up, she works hard and every time she says she’s gonna show up, she’s shown up. It’s super unfortunate. I obviously don’t know any backstory on stuff, budget or whatever. I’m a big fan of hers. I’m a big fan of Buddy Murphy, Aleister Black, those two had some awesome matches and you could count on it to be awesome. Ruby Riott, I’m a huge fan of. Just a cool person and a great attitude. I spend time in the guy’s locker room, but I work with the girls so much that I’m going to be more biased towards them. I feel bad for all those people and I feel really really bad for Lana and Ruby. I also know they’re both going to be more than okay. The truth is, I’ll end up being the loser out of this by not getting to work with them at this moment. I’ll work with them again. You can’t tell me [Lana] is the same performer six weeks ago that she was two years ago or one year ago. You can’t tell me that.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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