Tyson Kidd Comments On The Montreal Screwjob, What He Knew About It At The Time


During a recent appearance on “The Angle Podcast”, Tyson Kidd commented on the Montreal Screwjob, what he knew about it at the time, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what he knew about it at the time: “It was definitely, it was a dark spot for sure. I understood a part of it at the time. I understood the betrayal of it, I understood certain things — and as I’ve gotten older, I have a pretty good relationship with Bret. So I’ve gotten to understand a lot of it. I wouldn’t say I understand everything because I don’t. But I understand a lot of the details about that show, and about that match, and about that decision.”

On his experience watching it live: “I remember watching on PPV at Harry [Davey Boy Smith Jr.]’s house with his Mom and, you know, the family was over. And it was funny, because instantly we all know — we don’t know exactly what’s up. But we just see a Sharpshooter, Bret’s in a Sharpshooter, the bell rings. Shawn’s the champion, the PPV ends very quickly.

“And you see Vince is out there, which is one of the first times he’s out there like that, not on commentary. So there were definitely some strange elements that don’t normally take place. But at first we didn’t really think anything of it so much, until Davey [Boy Smith Sr.] called home and said like, ‘That was not supposed to happen at all’. And he talked about the fight after, and he just said that, I believe Davey and Owen were supposed to run out as part of the finish, and that obviously doesn’t happen. So, obviously they’re live, and we’ve seen footage now. So you can see all the chaos that’s kind of going on. But at home, I think we were getting ready to go over to Sunday dinner so we didn’t really know what exactly had happened in terms of the details [at the time].”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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