Tyson Kidd Says He Thought He Would Be Awful At Being A WWE Producer


During a recent appearance on the “Two-Man Power Trip” podcast, WWE producer Tyson Kidd commented on working with the women’s division, being skeptical of becoming of a producer at first, and more. He said,

“Where I believed in myself is that I did train people before, but I was physically able to show and demonstrate things. [Producing] is not that. I didn’t think I was going to be very good at this. At best, I might be alright, get the hang of it, and be okay. I had everyone help me. Johnny [Ace], Jamie Noble, Dean [Malenko], Arn [Anderson], really went out of their way to show me everything. It put a lot of things in perspective for me.

Off the bat, I thought I was going to be awful. I clearly remember my first day at Staples Center, I’m not assigned a match. I’m in a production meeting and seeing people, some I haven’t seen in two years or met before, and having different conversations. I clearly remember, it’s a women’s gauntlet match and Sasha and Nia are the last two. Sasha asks me something, runs an idea by me to see if it makes sense. The truth is, I had been away from wrestling for two years so it sounded like someone was speaking alien to me, I almost didn’t know what the hell she was saying. I was just like, ‘Yeah, sounds good.’ I didn’t even know what I was co-signing. I really thought I was going to be really bad. I thought I would be an assistant coach at NXT or at the PC. I didn’t think [producing] was going to go well.”

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