U.K Champion Tyler Bate Says He Hasn’t Met Vince McMahon Yet


In an interview with The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast, Tyler Bate said that he hasn’t met Vince McMahon despite winning the WWE’s UK Title. Below are highlights:

On getting support from WWE: “Everybody that I have met has been a huge help, like Triple H is a wonderful man. He’s really helped me with adapting to the WWE style of performing. All the guys behind the scenes that you don’t really see on TV more, like Matt Bloom, who’s the Head Coach at the PC, he’s been a huge help and William Regal as well. They’re all fantastic and amazing at their jobs.”


On not meeting Vince McMahon: “I walked passed him briefly when I was at the Royal Rumble show but hopefully someday soon, I’ll get to sit down and have a chat with him and get to talk to him properly, because everybody who gets into professional wrestling dreams of meeting Vince McMahon. I’ve had the conversation in my head thousands of times, when I’m lying in bed, thinking ‘What am I going to say when I meet Vince McMahon?’ Because he’s ‘The Man’ in wrestling, he owns wrestling.”

On WWE’s UK Deals: “It means we can get more eyes on what we’re doing, whether it be more eyes on British wrestling or more British wrestling fans to watch the WWE, to watch us. It works both ways really, it’s a vice versa thing. WWE will help British Wrestling and British Wrestling will help WWE with its hotbed of talent right now.”

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