UFC Star Praises Daniel Bryan + Kurt Angle/WWE ’13?


— Kurt Angle posted the following about being involved in the WWE 13 video game…

I don’t Know if I’m in Wwe13.somebody Claims that I am. That’s All I Know!

— UFC’s Diego Sanchez recently spoke about WWE’s Daniel Bryan using the “YES” chant. Here is what he had to say…

On Daniel Bryan Using The ‘YES’ Chant: “I watched an interview and they asked him where he got the ‘Yes’ and he said he got it from Diego Sanchez,” said Sanchez in a recent interview. “He’s promoting me in a way, so I got his back.”

On Working With Bryan in The Future: “My team has reached out to them and we’ll see what happens,” said Sanchez. “We both are the ‘Yes’ men and if we could help each other that’s what it’s about. It’s about that positivity and motivating yourself to do things you could never do when unmotivated.”

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