UK Fans Campaign To Make Fandango’s Theme A Hit


There is a campaign among wrestling fans in the U.K. to get Fandango’s theme song to the top of the U.K. music charts. Overnight, the campaign has seen the song skyrocket to where, most recently, it has gotten up to No. 26 overall and No. 22 on the iTunes charts.

The campaign has become a top trending topic on Twitter. Basically the fans are trying to do the wrestling version of when “Rage Against the Machine” due to a campaign, reached No. 1 there on Christmas Day. If the fans are able to can keep the song in the top 40, it’ll get mainstream radio airplay in the U.K. on the weekend top 40 countdown shows.

The link to purchase is here…

The campaign is spreading like wildfire and there’s even a piece in a National Newspaper about it…

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