UK Wrestling Scene Tarnished Forever After “Speaking Out” Allegations


The wrestling scene based in the UK has been hit very hard over the #SpeakingOut allegations made against several NXT:UK Superstars, including Ligero, Jack Gallagher, Travis Banks and others. These allegations led to the release of these Superstars by WWE as a direct result of their actions.

To add insult to injury, other UK wrestling promotions such as PROGRESS have cut ties with a number of wrestlers. PROGRESS announced they’re shutting down while the company comes up with new ideas and strategies to continue moving forward with in the wrestling business sometime down the road.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the UK scene is currently a cause for major concern across the wrestling industry. The once popular wrestling scene across the globe has quickly gone downhill. More key talent from UK has been picked up by WWE (NXT, NXT:UK), AEW, ROH, MLW, and Impact Wrestling. Due to these moves made by these organizations, UK wrestling companies like PROGRESS, OTT, and RevPro had been dealt a huge blow. Add the sexual allegation claims into the mix, the fear comes into play the UK wrestling region will be forced to start over scratch… or fade away into obscurity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many wrestlers to not return, as if the allegations were bad enough. WON says there is a true realization the UK wrestling scene in regards to these sexual allegation claims have gone on now for too long, while it had been known by some behind closed doors in some fashion, this has now blown up into a very seriously bad situation for everyone involved with few people realizing just how horrible this situation has turned into for the wrestling scene.

Equity (trade union based out of the UK who specialize in the entertainment industry), had held various meetings with female wrestlers over the past week. Equity wants to include pro wrestling as part of their ongoing anti-harassment policies.

There’s a police investigation ongoing regarding some of the allegations made, with the Scottish Government looking into wrestling shows, schools, etc. There expectation is to discuss a Parliamentary issue that would lead to proposals. These proposals would include: resolving complaints, safeguards in place for both wrestlers and trainers/trainees, and so on.

Check out these articles for more information regarding the ongoing Sexual Misconduct allegations, specifically in the UK:

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