Interpromotional Combatants Announced for WrestleMania Weekend Ultimate X Match


IMPACT Wrestling has announced the name that will be competing in their Ultimate X Match at United We Stand during WrestleMania weekend.

They are touting that this is the most inter-promotional match that the brand could put together and were able to pull Talent from MLW, AAA and other areas as well:

We also announced that Ultimate X would be taking place at United We Stand, the winner of this match will earn a future X-Division Championship Match. Jake Crist is in Ultimate X representing IMPACT Wrestling. Jake Evans will represent AAA and Kotto Brazil is representing MLW. Now, we are proud to announce that representing Lucha Underground will be Dante Fox! Also, representing WrestlePro will be Pat Buck! Two new additions to this match and we can confirm that there will be a mystery opponent for all these competitors at United We Stand on April 4th on FITE.TV in New Jersey. Tickets are still available and are going fast!

The mystery opponent leaves tremendous potential. Just who may enter the fray? We will find out during wrestling’s biggest weekend. Who would you like to see in this match? Sound off in the comments below!

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