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NewsUncle Howdy Appears In Front Of Bray Wyatt On WWE SmackDown

Uncle Howdy Appears In Front Of Bray Wyatt On WWE SmackDown



This week’s episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown closed out with Bray Wyatt getting on the microphone and cutting a promo. Wyatt hyped up his return to WWE and claimed to be the best version of himself.

He was then interrupted by a masked man on the Titantron, who identified himself as Uncle Howdy, saying Wyatt can never hide from him. Howdy said that Wyatt “killed the world” and sent the Fiend away and is now just a shell of what he used to be, calling him a liar because he’s still wearing a mask. He concluded, “You’ll never be able to hide from me, your Uncle Howdy!”

The QR Code led to a page with a picture of Wyatt and “Liar” scrawled repeatedly over it. As you can see below, the source code for the page features “I SEE YOU” written repeatedly at the top in the markup.

You can check out some highlights from the segment below:

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