Update: 3 Top WWE Stars Leaving?


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Rey Mysterio’s contract is the next major deal to expire in WWE. His deal is reportedly up in approximately two months. While he is one of the talents in the company with one of the largest downside guarantees, he is also one of the top merchandise movers currently in WWE.

Mysterio’s contract is an interesting situation, as WWE officials would usually start aggressively attempting to re-sign a talent in his situation by this point, however that is apparently not the case.

Speaking of Mysterio, one of the main reasons he was booked to work the non-televised live events in Northern California as opposed to his hometown in San Diego was due to the feeling in the company that he has been booked too often in San Diego. For the record, San Diego ended up drawing the worst crowd among the live events that took place last weekend.

We previously reported that when his current contract expires, Alberto Del Rio may be leaving the WWE. He’s been openly talking to people about it in recent months. There are also reports that many do not expect Christian to stay with the WWE once his contract expires.

Christian is 40, and there is a feeling that WWE creative isn’t going to do anything significant with him. There were even reports last week that that if WWE found someone “more important” than him, that they would replace him in the Elimination Chamber match. As you know, they wound up going with him but there had been talk of replacing him if the opportunity arose or if someone really “connected with the crowd” going into the pay-per-view. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with Christian but he kept quiet about it for obvious reasons. He’s not the only one. Many mid-card talents are extremely frustrated but do not speak up simply because they know that if hey do, they’ll be fired or “jobbed out.”

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