Update: CM Punk ‘Expected’ Back At RAW


Source: The Wrestling Observer

UPDATE: After the earlier news report claiming that CM Punk will be back on RAW in Chicago, IL tomorrow night, the following item surfaced on CM Punk’s Twitter account. After Punk walked out on the WWE after the Royal Rumble PPV, the official WWE Twitter account stopped following Punk’s own account. However, the new WWE Network account, which was created after Punk’s walkout, is now following Punk on Twitter.

The basic gist of things is that WWE gave Punk some time to “cool off” and then wound up talking to him. Punk vented his frustrations to Vince McMahon and something was agreed upon that made Punk happy enough to be willing to come back. It’s possible he’ll be in the WrestleMania 30 main event as that was one of the things that he wanted. Again, the entire thing is not a work. It’s simply a case of where a guy was frustrated, walked out on the company and eventually the two sides wound up talking and worked things out. Could they turn it into a “work” now that things have cooled off? Of course …. but that likely all depends on if CM Punk agrees to it. They are doing everything possible to keep Punk happy during his return to the company. The guy sells a ton of merchandise and is one of their top stars that they want at WrestleMania 30. We’ll have a major update on this later tonight and again tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for that.

ORIGINAL: CM Punk is reportedly “expected” to return this Monday on RAW in his hometown of Chicago. A source who is said to be “top WWE star” claims that Punk’s return is “100% certain.”

The report notes that if he does return, Punk will likely slot back into his match with Triple H at WrestleMania XXX, or possibly being added to WWE World Title Match. That match was reportedly changed recently in creative plans to a triple threat, with the third opponent not yet named internally.

The report is NOT confirmed just yet.

More shortly.

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