Update Following Scary Suicide Threat From Former WWE Personality During RAW


Something disturbing happened prior to last night’s Monday Night RAW. Former WWE personality Jason Sensation Tweeted out that he was able to smuggle a gun inside the arena for RAW and was planning on shooting himself in the head during the show.

For longtime WWE fans, you may remember Sensation for his impersonation of Owen Hart during an episode of Monday Night RAW in 1998. Soon after the Tweet was posted, approximately an hour later, Sensation’s Tweet and account were deleted.

Check out a screenshot here:

Toronto Police released a statement on the matter, saying they have Sensation in custody and there is no reason for the public to fear for their lives. They also say he was never at the RAW arena:

“There were numerous tweets to Toronto Police regarding a threat made by Jason Sensation over Twitter. We have been investigating it thoroughly. We are with Mr. Sensation now, he never was at the Scotiabank Arena, there is no concern for public safety.”

Wrestling Inc. confirmed with Vince Russo that the Tweet was a joke. Russo reportedly texted Sensation and told him that he has “an army of people out here that care for you.” Sensation apparently responded and admitted the Tweet was a joke and said he was sorry.

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