Update – The Hardy Boys Say Goodbye To Ring Of Honor, WWE Return Coming Soon?


UPDATE: At Saturday night’s ROH Supercard of Honor XI event, The Young Bucks defeated The Hardy Boys to recapture the ROH Tag Team Titles. Following the match, the Hardys appeared to say goodbye to ROH. Matt Hardy grabbed a microphone and praised The Young Bucks as the best tag-team they’ve ever faced. He said he didn’t know how long the Hardy vessels could perform in these types of matches, but that they’re leaving the future of tag-team wrestling in the hands of The Young Bucks. The Hardys then knelt down and shook hands with the Bucks. Jeff Hardy then grabbed a microphone and said that they only have one thing left to do and sang that they will now “fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete” as they headed to the back.

As reported here on eWrestlingNews.com, The Hardy Boys are very likely headed to WWE soon. Talks between the two sides have been ongoing for several weeks now.

ORIGINAL: During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV to promote the ROH Supercard of Honor event, Matt and Jeff Hardy confirmed they’ve had talks with WWE regarding return to the company. You can check out some highlights and a video of the interview below:

Matt on if they been in touch with WWE: “We have spoken to ‘Meek Mahan’ and of course the man with Three H’s and everyone who is there who is important and of value.”

Matt on who is at the top of their deletion list: “‘Meek Mahan’ is very high up on the list. Roman Reigns is another one. I get requests for his deletion all of the time… Roman Reigns is more of John Cena right now than John Cena is if you can understand what I’m saying.”

Matt on who they would like to face in WWE: “I would say the first two people we would mark for deletion is The Usos who have gold that we would like to procure and also The Club who have gold that we would like to procure.”

Jeff on if they could appear at WrestleMania or the Raw after: “It’s pro wrestling, anything’s possible.”

Matt on whether they could appear: “Considering we are on an expedition of gold, all title holders are on notice.”

Jeff on how he deals with Matt never breaking kayfabe: “I don’t know, it’s hard. It’s very hard. I don’t (laughs). I just let it be.”

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