Update: John Cena No-Shows Last Night’s Live Event


While advertised for the show, John Cena did not appear on last night’s WWE house show in Oakland, California as we noted last night. Justin Roberts did tell the live crowd that refunds would be available for those who requested them.

There is still no word on why he didn’t appear at the event but we have confirmed that he was in the bay area (San Francisco) earlier in the day. Also, Javier Lorenzo sent this one in: Hey Ryan. it’s weird that John Cena didn’t show up in Oakland because he was in the bay area during the day. I had the chance to take a picture with him yesterday at the San Francisco airport.

It could be a number of things – travel issues, elbow injury, family emergency, sickness, etc. These things happen and we’re guessing he notified WWE management beforehand and it was cleared.

More as we get it.

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