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News​Update: Jonathan Coachman Not Returning To WWE?

​Update: Jonathan Coachman Not Returning To WWE?



As previously reported, Jonathan Coachman teased a possible return to WWE a
few months pack. Coach had teased an announcement coming regarding professional
wrestling just before the WWE Network launched.

However, it now appears that the deal has fallen through. When told by
someone on Twitter that everyone wanted to see him back, Coach replied with:

ORIGINAL: Former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman, who
now works for ESPN, posted a teaser on Twitter this afternoon that has fans
speculating on a return to the company or possibly some role at SummerSlam. He
tweeted the following:

“Hey all you WWE fans. Have a really cool announcement in the next
month or so about something happening this summer. Stand by.”

It may not have anything to do with his “really cool” announcement, but WWE
is either close to a deal or has already signed Jonathan Coachman to a new
part-time contract. This would let Coach continue to work with ESPN but do
part-time studio work for WWE.

One idea is to have Coach host a talk show for the WWE Network.

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