Update: Kurt Angle Continues To Apologize


ORIGINAL: Following his Twitter rant from last night, where he noted that he became a main-eventer in WWE in one year, whereas it took Austin and Michaels 15 years, Angle posted the following on his Twitter today…

“I Do Want to Apologize to Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin for My Comment. Without them I Would Have never had my Opportunity in Pro Wrestling”

UPDATE: Kurt Angle has added the following tweet to explain his twitter rant:

“I don’t get twitter.I Love tweeting What I feel-or responding to idiots. But I’m Supposed to be”Politically Correct” w/ My tweets?Forget It”

As noted late last night here on the website, Kurt Angle went off on Twitter with numerous rants. He says he will still wrestle at April’s Lockdown despite the fact that the U.S. Olympics qualifying trials take place a week after. Angle posted to Twitter:

I will Wrestle at Lockdown. That Is My Job and I Love it!

I Believe We [Jeff Hardy and him] Will throw down at Lockdown, if Hardy is Persistant Enough!!”

Here are some other gems from his Twitter account last night:

“@steveaustinBSR @ShawnMichaels But Could Either of U take Me as a Shoot? Be Honest! I Respect You Both!”

“I’m training for Olympics. Every Wrestler is terrified of me that they will get tired”

“F U! Watch Me Dominate Wrestling U fuckface!”

“No! Its helping. Don’t hate on Me cuz I’m Honest”

“Tna has a better Roster than Wwe. Open ur eyes jackass”

“I get drug tested for Olympics. Up yours. U need help”

“I have not touched a pill 8 yrs. up urs”

“U R My only fan tonight. Screw the haters”

“I don’t drink. Olympic training! Idiot”

“I Love Midgets! Lol. Main Event Material. Lol”

“yes it was hacked once but not now! FU!”

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