Update: Law In Honor Of Zeb Colter’s Granddaughter


Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

A law named for the granddaughter of Wayne Keown, better known in wrestling as Dutch Mantel or WWE’s Zeb Colter, is closer to being a reality. Amelia’s Law is a law that would allow Tennessee judges to order drug and alcohol offenders “transdermal devices” that would detect if they have used alcohol or drugs. It was passed by the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives. The only thing left is for Governor Bill Haslam to sign it into law.

Amelia Keown was sixteen when she was killed driving home from school to get pom-pomps for cheerleader practice in August 2012. She was hit by a parolee who was speeding in an attempt to get away from the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Both Amelia and the parolee were killed. He was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol at the time. Amelia was wearing her seat belt, driving the speed limit and was not considered to be at fault at all in the crash.

When the law is passed, judges will be allowed to order that a device is placed around the ankle of those involved with drug or alcohol crimes. If the person uses either, the technology would detect it and alert a supervising officer. This can help police monitor parolees and prevent another incident like that which caused Amelia Keown’s death.

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