UPDATE: Local Rival Uses YouTube Show To Mock Rotten/Jarrett Backstage Issues


UPDATE – 4-18-14 – Due to outside pressure, management from UWA has pulled the video from Youtube.  The rumor now is that SuperSad Media has withdrawn from UWA and insiders have began speculation that this was simply a stunt on the part of SuperSad Media to gain the attention of Jeff Jarrett in hopes of opening a conversation about working within production for Jarrett’s new GFW.  SuperSad Media assisted with production of OVW Television in 2012,during the TNA period,and submitted package footage for “Gut Check” segments for “Impact”.

The newest episode of “UWA Thursday Night Throwdown” is causing a bit of a stir locally, as the Producers at Supersad Media have inserted fake Paypal commercials as means to mock Ian Rotten and IWA-MS on the recent dust up between Ian Rotten and Jeff Jarrett.  As you recall, reports came out of the IWA-MS show this past weekend that Jarrett had taken issue with only being paid half of his promised fee.  Ian was reported to have blamed Paypal for the issue, waiting on the money “to clear” which really made no sense,as Paypal can electronically clear funds in a matter of seconds.

The show, which aired today, had 2 fake PayPal commercials that referenced the incident, one at the very beginning and another towards the middle.  The 2nd spot directly asks if Jeff had gotten his money before informing him it was not the fault of PayPal, followed by a PayPal logo.  UWA is a direct competitor of IWA-MS, as both companies use the same building to run local shows.  The video for “UWA Thursday Night Throwdown” is linked below

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