Update: Major Problems With The WWE Network – Details


As Frank noted earlier here on eWN, the New York Post has a story up on the many problems WWE is facing with trying to get the WWE Network going. The article has quotes from many cable TV executives questioning if starting a network is a smart move by WWE.

The article cites a source that says WWE still hasn’t gotten a “single deal with a cable or satellite TV provider” to carry the channel. WWE is also having issues hiring high-ranking executives to manage the network.

One cable TV executive also questioned whether WWE even has enough content for their own channel and thinks the potential audience is too narrow.

“Given the content issues, I think a whole channel would be a stretch,” said Gerri Donini, senior vice president broadcast at media-buying shop R.J. Palmer. “It is very limited in who it reaches.”

The Post adds that WWE is expected to hire 200 new employees specifically for the network.

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