Update: Mark Henry Says He’s Retiring


UPDATE: Mark Henry is still claiming on Twitter that he’s retiring tonight on RAW. He tweeted Magic Johnson and Arsenio Hall earlier this afternoon and told them not to miss RAW tonight because he’s retiring.

@ArsenioHall man don’t miss my retirement tonight.

@MagicJohnson hey Ervin don’t miss my retirement tonight on USA network Raw is war.

ORIGINAL: When asked about the speculation that Mark Henry would be announcing his retirement on RAW tonight, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross responded with the following tweet:

“I know nothing of any retirement plans. Stay tuned for facts.”

Speaking of the Mark Henry retirement rumors, WWE.com has an article up covering Henry’s tweets last night. For those who didn’t see them, he tweeted the following:

#raw #wwe I have spoke to my family and hope to talk to all of you fans tomorrow live from Grand Rapids. Guys Father Time is undefeated.

Whether you loved or hated me in my career.I was all ways there for you.i appreciate u all. Good or bad I will live forever with u the fans.

It should be noted that Henry posted the following on Twitter on June 10, 2013:

The only reason I’m breaking my silence to the twitter world is to tell u I’m not retiring!!!! I have hate in my heart that’s too dangerous.

It’s best to be away till I’m right I feel I my hurt someone or do damage to my family by going to jail.tired of holding back.

I will return when I’m healthy,not because the roster is thin. I AM HURT! Don’t hide on the web you got my # call me with that bull [email protected]

Back to silence!

Hmmmm. Thoughts?

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