Update: More On Riddick Bowe Wanting To Wrestle


We reported earlier today here on the website that former boxing champion Riddick Bowe, who is 46 years old, wants to become a pro wrestler. Here are some additional tweets from Bowe:

Looking into get into pro wrestling partners. Contact my manager [email protected] if u can help.

— Riddick Bowe (@riddickbowe) August 25, 2013

I want to be first heavyweight boxing champions and heavyweight wrestling champion. I have trained hard with those bumps.

— Riddick Bowe (@riddickbowe) August 25, 2013

I’m serious about the wrestling thing partners. I look like @MarkHenryWWE. Lead me in the right direction and do this damn thing.

— Riddick Bowe (@riddickbowe) August 25, 2013

People say I’m to old. I say I’m ready to kick ass and take the bumps. Lets do this damn thing.

— Riddick Bowe (@riddickbowe) August 25, 2013

UPDATE: Tommy Dreamer has already tweeted that he’d be interested in training Riddick Bowe and says he plans on contacting Bowe’s manager. You can check out the tweet below:

Heard you r interested in wrestling @riddickbowe I will train you for free Iwill contact you manager I have a school http://t.co/e7GkOk8ljF

— Tommy Dreamer (@THETOMMYDREAMER) August 25, 2013

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