Update On The New Taping Location For Lucha Underground


Several new details on the Temple for Lucha Underground season four have been released. You can make reservations for tickets beginning tomorrow. The Uproxx website has posted new photos of the new Temple.

Lucha Underground producer Eric van Wagenen said the following about using Union Central Cold Storage as the new location of the promotion, “I think when you have to make your set a character, and that was one thing we were really good about doing with the temple, is that the temple became a character. This was a legitimate cold storage building for 67 years. It’s now been repurposed for a set. But if you look around you see that this was a place where they kept things cold and where they made ice. So if you start with that, and then build outward I think it makes everything much easier. And it feels authentic, and just walking around this place sets a certain mood.”

Chris DeJoseph also said the following, “I think the universe will definitely branch out to different places and maybe some new locations that you’ll get to see this season. And that’s a super exciting part about the show, and being able to go somewhere different and there’s all different new places to play around in here. I mean, where is Mantanza going to live? What’s he going to do? I think little things like that are going to be special and make the show different in good way. More toys, more fun, and also it gives us a chance to put a little bit of a fresh coat of paint on the show … I think we always embrace the old history. But I think its cool to have a nice fresh coat of paint on something and have something new. We did pretty much everything we could at the old building.”

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