Update On A Big WWE Lawsuit, HHH/Cole/RAW, Mero News


Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

— WWE and songwriter James Papa are working out a settlement in his lawsuit against the company for using WCW Slamjam music without credit and payment, along with allegedly misappropriating the copyrights and credit for James Johnston, their in-house composer. They had a meeting to resolve the issues with a third party mediator. While nothing was settled yet, both sides agreed to meet again.

— WWE.com ran another video interview in which Michael Cole asks Triple H about the events of RAW. Triple H called Big Show the “wrestler formerly known as Big Show, Paul Wight” and said he would deal with him on Monday along with the Rhodes family. Unlike previous interviews, HHH appeared to be upset and even threatened Cole this time around.

— On this season of The Ultimate Fighter, there is a fighter named Josh Hill, who goes by “Gentleman”. When asked how he came up with the nickname, he said his great uncle was a pro wrestler with the WWF called “Gentleman” Jerry Valiant.

— Marc Mero made a talking appearance in Osceola, Florida, which was covered by the local media.

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