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Dark Side of the Ring Season 2

Update on a Possible Third Season of Dark Side of the Ring, & More


During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Dark Side of the Ring executive producer Evan Husney commented on the possibility of a third season, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On going into season two not expecting a season three: “Setting out to do Season 2, we approached it as if there was never going to be another season. We wanted to gain access to all the biggest stories and see what we could uncover. It’s been quite the ride, and I’m very proud of the work our team did to put this all together in eight and a half months.”

On completing reenactments for the Owen Hart episode just before Ontario was shut down: “We just made it at the last possible minute. We’re such sticklers for the quality and the aesthetic of our show, so I’m very grateful we were able to sneak everything in before we were forced to shut down.”

On the show showing more than the ugly moments in wresting: “This show, to me, is the human side of the ring. It shows the people that are affected and the consequences. Family life is a big part of these stories, so the human stories adjacent to the larger stories are very important.”

On a possible third season: “A third season is something everybody involved wants to do. Vice wants to make a Season 3, we would love to see it happen, and we’re in those stages of conversation. Right now, there are just a lot of question marks about the future of production, and even the future of the world. Our show deals with a lot of travel, and we’d love to go international to places like Japan in Season 3, but there is a lot of uncertainty in terms of that. I can say that all parties want to see this happen, and there is no shortage of stories for us to cover. We’ve put a lot of thought into it already, and we’re getting ideas from people every minute on social media, which is awesome.”

On fan support for the show: “I think about this all the time, it’s just awesome to see all the people who have embraced the show. For me, I grew up as such a big fan of wrestling. I had action figures of all these guys. I remember exactly where I was during the Over the Edge pay-per-view when Owen Hart passed away. Then, 21 years later, to see Martha Hart’s strength, it’s just been an incredible experience from beginning to end. It’s been trending every week on Twitter, and we’re so grateful that everyone has embraced the show so much.”

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