Update On Andrade-Charlotte Flair’s Comments Towards Dave Meltzer, Meltzer Replies To Andrade


In an update on a previous article posted here at eWn regarding Andrade and Charlotte Flair’s comments towards Dave Meltzer (see “Original Report” below). Dave Meltzer has replied back to Andrade with the following messages:

If you actually listened to the entirety of what I said, it was that men in wrestling are allowed to headline in their 40s and 50s and women aren’t, and that is unfair, and in a cosmetic business it’s harder for women. I was saying that how that was unfair. And for study material, please watch angles with Molly Holly & Mickie James, there are plenty of clips you can study if you wish to.


(Original Report)

Following what had occurred on Saturday after Charlotte Flair fired back at Dave Meltzer over comments he had made:

Yeah, I just listened. I thought @davemeltzerWON would have learned his lesson last time commenting about women’s bodies, but apparently I’m fair game. So I get to respond. Again. To a rumor about my body. Again. You know what? This is when I stop. Dave, Go To Hell. You have my phone number. It would take you 30 seconds to ask as opposed to giving straight crap to your listeners. Grow up. For you, of all people, to comment on a woman’s looks…Do you have any shame, decency or professionalism left at all? Find a mirror. Look hard Dave.

Andrade followed up today with his own remarks, backing up Charlotte and claimed she only had one surgery done versus having multiple surgeries done as most people were claiming:

workout, diet, facials. I show them without filters and without makeup what my fiancee @MsCharlotteWWE looks like and for all those people who comment that she has 1000000 surgeries ( just one) . Please stop talking shit. @davemeltzerWON

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