Update On Buyrate, Revenue & Google Interest For AEW Revolution 2022


AEW Revolution 2022 is poised to be the promotion’s second-most successful pay per view for the company according to online metrics.

Revolution 2022 took place on March 6 and saw AEW World Champion ‘Hangman’ Adam Page retain against Adam Cole in the main event.


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the buyrate is likely to fall between 167,000 to 173,000, which puts it behind All Out 2021.

AEW pushed late buys for the pay per view on Dynamite and Rampage which ultimately saw a 14% in late buy numbers from the same-day original.

The total gross of the show is around $8.3 million, which includes the PPV, live gate, merchandise, and theater revenue.

AEW is expected to keep about $4.55 million after cable, streaming platform and satellite company cuts.

The top Google searches for AEW that day included CM Punk, Adam Cole and Adam Page, but fell behind the total searches for WWE’s Royal Rumble.

Revolution 2022 did an approximate 350,000 searches while the Rumble had around 500,000 searches, with Elimination Chamber having 260,000 searches.

Even with the Rumble available on Peacock, it still had more buys than Revolution among dish owners while AEW’s PPV got ahead with cable buys.

Dish owners tend to be located in rural areas, suggesting that WWE is more popular in those places.

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