Thursday, May 23, 2024
NewsUpdate On Flash Morgan Webster's NXT UK Release

Update On Flash Morgan Webster’s NXT UK Release



As reported, WWE released a number of NXT UK talent this week. The company is looking to relaunch NXT UK into NXT Europe next year. One of the names released this week was former NXT UK Tag Team Champion Flash Morgan Webster.

According to Fightful, Webster was on a short-term extension with the company; however, the ex-NXT star had re-signed on “a more long-term basis” months before his release. Additionally, many wrestlers on the brand knew significant changes were coming, but they didn’t realize how drastic they would be. Some names didn’t want to relocate to the United States, while some thought it didn’t make financial sense to stick around in the company.

Fightful also was informed by several UK-based promoters that they hope the new influx of free agents will reinvigorate the UK wrestling scene.

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