Kylie Rae

Update On How Kylie Rae Was Allowed To Sign With The NWA


Kylie Rae recently made her return to wrestling in June, signing with the NWA. Her return came a little under seven months after she announced her retirement from the pro wrestling business.

When Kylie Rae announced her retirement, she was a member of the Impact Wrestling roster, and Fightful Select have now offered a new update on how she was able to join NWA.

Patrick Kenney, the man formerly known as Simon Diamond, was apparently vital in allowing the move. Impact sources also indicated that there is no animosity between Impact and MLW.

According to the site, Impact’s relationship with various companies has improved massively, stating that:

“Impact sources also indicated that there is no animosity between IMPACT and MLW, and that the relationship between ROH and IMPACT is “as friendly as it’s ever been. There have been talks of NWA and IMPACT wrestling working together more, after a period where they didn’t at all.”

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