Update On Issues Between Thunder Rosa And Ivelisse – Details


As we previously reported here on eWrestlingNews.com (see below), there were rumored issues between Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse during their match on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite, stemming from the match ‘breaking down’ and the two really trying to hurt each other.

Personal Issues Between Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse – Details

According to a report provided by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are a few more details on this, particularly with the stiff shots in the match. Both women have MMA backgrounds, with Rosa actually competing and Ivelisse almost doing so. They wanted to do moves in their match that looked legitimate. While one of the kicks to the back came in hard, that was simply because they were trying to make it look hard and it was a little too successful. Since they worked together the next week, obviously there were no issues.

There was one spot during the commercial break that got a groan backstage, as Ivelisse appeared to just let Rosa put a full nelson on her. Other than that, any issues in the match itself came from the two planning to do more than they had time for, so a lot of the things they planned were cut out. Nothing happened in the match that wasn’t supposed to.

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