Update On Jeff Hardy & Johnny Gargano Reportedly Joining AEW


The Wrestling Observer Radio has provided an update on Johnny Gargano and Jeff Hardy possibly heading to AEW in the near future. Dave Meltzer states that Gargano isn’t expected to be in AEW anytime soon, saying, “Don’t expect him in AEW in the next month or so. I know people were expecting it any week now.”

As it relates to Jeff Hardy, along with Hardy himself confirming that he has intentions on heading to AEW once he’s contractually able to, Meltzer said, “Jeff Hardy should be in relatively soon.” Hardy’s no-compete clause with WWE ends on March 9th.

Aside from Jeff Hardy and Johnny Gargano, Sw3rve the Realest, aka Shane Strickland and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, is another name who is expected to join AEW relatively soon. Sw3rve was also in talks to sign with AEW.

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