John Laurinaitis

Update On John Laurinaitis’ WWE Termination


It was reported earlier today here on eWn that former WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis was quietly terminated from the company within the past week. This comes after Laurinaitis was removed from his position as Head of Talent Relations following the bombshell Vince McMahon scandal that involved “hush money” payments to former WWE employees.

A new report from Fightful suggests that while Johnny Ace was removed from the role, he was still “looped in” to company emails. The report noted that Laurinaitis still receives a series of emails that go out to several WWE names. He reportedly was not included beginning on July 22nd, which was the day McMahon made the shocking announcement of his retirement. However, it’s said that he returned to the email list the following week and has remained on there ever since. According to the report, the emails include “sensitive information pertaining to creative, and personnel.”

Laurinaitis is said to be on the internal termination list along with McMahon. Talent backstage have said they don’t expect Laurinaitis to be back anytime soon. The report also added that one top name in the company called Laurinaitis “the biggest snake in the business.”

As to what the future holds for the former Head of Talent Relations, only time will time. The new role is now being held by Triple H, who also acts as Head of Creative.

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